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EzyDog Life Jacket – DFD vs. DFD X2 Boost

Face to face comparison between EzyDog life jacket models. The original DFD and the new streamlined DFD X2 Boost. Pick the right one for your dog this summer.

We are almost in Summer. I love to go to the beach with my dog. He is a wire fox terrier. He loves swimming either in the sea, in a lake or going down in a river. Of course, he also loves swimming pools.

This year I have decided to equip Pintxo with a life jacket. Pintxo is already 8 years old. He is quite fit, as he does a lot of activity. He is able to swim quite long. In fact, in 7 summers I have not seen any issue or risk for him at the water. Well, I remember once, when he was 2 years old. We were kayaking in a river, and he was getting tired of carrying lots of plants after him…

Anyhow, this year I want to make him a present. A life jacket or doggy flotation device… The aim is that he does not get so tired and may even relax at the water. Additionally, since the jacket will make him more visible, it will be safer for him and the people around him.

Why pick an Ezydog Doggy Flotation Device (DFD)?

I have done some research. As with any product or service, you can find many options in the market. Nevertheless, Ezydog picked my attention. If you do not know, Ezydog original product was the shock-absorbing leash. They were already using for that some nautical ropes and materials, that provide a great resiliency to their products.

Since I am already a delighted user of Ezydog leashes for years, and having read good users reviews about their DFD, I have decided to pick among their 2 DFD models. Let´s have a view on them.

Already some years ago (2015) they launched the DFD – Doggy Flotation Device. This jacket, provides a great flotation to the dogs, allowing them to swim and move naturally. They created also the Micro DFD version, for small dogs (less 15 pounds).

In 2020, they have launched the DFD X2 Boost, which aims to be a streamlined and more ergonomic version of the DFD. They announce it as more buoyant, so providing additional flotation to your dog. Let´s review both.

Ezydog DFD, the original one

Ezydog DFD

This is the original Doggy Flotation Device by Ezydog. It is a rock-solid product, manufactured with high-quality materials, that provide great buoyancy while not restricting the natural swimming movements of your dog.

This life jacket fulfills all the key features a life vest needs to have. Please check this post for more details.

In this model, the flotation material is at the back and supports the neck of your dog. The vest is fitted with two straps below the body.

The original DFD had a zip storage pocket… For pocket lovers, this is useful. You could put your keys, some dollars and of course poop bags.

You can pick between red or yellow color. Pricing ranges between $55 for XS size up to $67 for XL.

DFD X2 Boost, the new one

Ezydog DFD X2 Boost

This is the updated version of DFD that you can already buy at Ezydog or Amazon. According to Ezydog product presentation, DFD X2 Boost is an improved version of Ezydog DFD. Basically it is more ergonomic and provides additional flotation.

Since it is a brand new product, you cannot find user´s reviews as with the original version. Main variations vs. Ezydog DFD is the ergonomic fit, represented by the top pull collar adjustment and the padded girth adjustment.

In the case of the neck support, instead of binding the strap under the neck as in the original DFD, in this case, you can adjust by pulling the strap at the top of the neck. This may be more comfortable for the dog since when swimming, his neck is lying over the flotation material.

Another big change in design is that DFD X2 Boost also brings the flotation material below our dog´s belly, thanks to the padded girth adjustment. Definitively looks a more ergonomic garment for our dog. Also, since floating material is now forced to be below water level (both at the neck and the belly level), the overall buoyancy level of the dog is raised vs. the original DFD model.

Also, to mention is that in the DFD X2 Boost the straps are mostly covered, so the likelihood that it gets caught on a branch (e.g. when descending a river) is reduced.

Other minor changes have to do with the neoprene grab, which is more comfortable in the case of large dogs. Also, they have included a holder to attach adventure lights. Anyhow, you can also attach this to the D-ring at the original model.

Regarding visibility, no major change. They keep using the same high visibility reflective piping in both models.

Unfortunately, this new model does not include the zipped pocket the original model use to have. From my perspective, this is a pity.

Regarding colors, you can pick again between the red and the yellow. Ezydog has chosen a flat price of $79 for all sizes.


Smaller size for great swimmers, while the larger size for relaxing dogs

Due to the high buoyancy of the vest, if your dog is a great swimmer, better to take a smaller size if the straps are large Ezydog DFD sizingenough for your dog´s girth. Please check Ezydog sizing chart to pick the right one. As a reference, here you can see the sizing for DFD model.

Since the back legs of our dogs are the main swimming for the dogs, ideally life jackets should let the backside a little below the front side, so their swimming speed is not reduced.

On the other hand, if your dog is not so active or not a great swimmer, pick the larger life jacket, so it covers all the back from your dog. In this case, he will be floating loosely in the water…

My recommendation

Once analyzed both products and read DFD user´s review, it is clear that the new model, DFD X2 Boost, can provide an additional flotation level in comparison to the DFD model.

So if your dog is not a great swimmer, or is not in good condition, I would recommend you pick the DFD X2 Boost model. In this case, your objective is that your dog can spend more time in the water, being safe.

If your dog is already a great swimmer, I would suggest you go for the DFD model, picking the smaller size that fits your dog. In this case, the DFD will help him in the water, but will not reduce his swimming skills.

In my case, for Pintxo, I have picked the DFD XS. Pintxo is 19 lbs. He loves swimming and is quite fit, so I think the XS will make his job… However, I do not see my totally active and athletic wire fox terrier as an XS dog… hahaha…


Your opinion: Is your dog using a life jacket?. What is your experience with Ezydog DFD? Would you suggest a different one? Please leave your comment. I will come back to you.

Take care of your self and your dogs,


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