How To Make Your Dog Happy

How To Make Your Dog Happy

Dogs are our best friends. Not easy to find someone with the same unconditional love and fidelity to you. how to make your dog happy? Let’s learn how to give them something back.

At this post, we cover the following topics:

  1. We need to know our dog’s natural tendencies, quite influenced by his breed or mixed breeds
  2. We need to know and cover their basic needs, so they feel safe and secure
  3. Get to know what they enjoy most. This may have to do with the talent each dog has.
  4. Then we need to act! Make it happen!. Our dog will enjoy, be happy, and it will raise the bond between both of you.


There are many types of dogs. 195 breeds according to AKC. Then, of course, mixed breeds. Every dog´s character is AKC breed informationbeing influenced by his or her genes.

Dogs were bred to assist humans in different purposes. There are sporting dogs, working dogs, herding dogs, and companion dogs.

I recommend you check the short description of your dog’s breeds at AKC.

Most relevant information on the breed description is:

  • Description of the breed & history
  • Care chapter: nutrition, grooming, exercise, training, and health

Take the information as indicative. In particular the training chapter I find quite general. It should be understood as a reference to the usual behavior of this particular breed in training. My own experience with Wire Fox Terriers is that they go off-leash and control them even if they see a potential prey at their close reach.

In case, you have a mixed dog, I would recommend you to read the description of the breeds you believe he is formed from. You will get to know the history, curiosities of the breed and their main features. All this information can only help you to better understand your dog.


Dog and human friendshipDogs are social animals. They need to live in a pack, a social structure that provides them with:

  • Safety and social relationships.
  • Food
  • Rest and sleep
  • Exercise and play

They need to be a member of a pack. Lonely dogs get crazy. A pack that fulfills their safety and relationship needs. You guess what? You are his or her pack!

Then, food, exercise and rest are the basis for a health condition.

Calorie intake has to be balanced to daily exercise levels. All dogs like to play and exercise as long as they feel well and have a good physical condition. To know this, activity monitors are of great use. Please refer to the following posts to learn about it:

Since our domestic dogs live in society, they need to know humans and live according to humans. We need to manage and control them, so they can make the most of our world. This is the only way they can be safe and enjoy and discover the environment. If we provide our dog’s structure and safety, they will not have any anxiety or develop aggressive behaviors.

Just a short note, in behalf of non-speaking dogs :-). Following their instinct, all dogs need to pee and poo in the surroundings of their home. This has its purpose. They let know other dogs that they are around. They are able to know who is around, Maybe they need to look after a girlfriend, or be cautious with some new dog in the block. Through their incredible smell sense, they get to know all the neighborhood dogs and position themselves. So let them be dogs, and be patient when walking your dog 🙂



Besides the breed description, each dog is unique. They have different characters and passions. We need just to consciously observe our dog and discover it.

Fetching the ballI have not met a dog that does not like to go for a walk or hiking in the woods. My recommendation is that you start taking your dog for walks. You will have to teach him to walk on leash. As time passes, you will see what your dog likes to do most. Either go to the dog park to play and interact with other dogs or fetching balls or sticks.

Most of the dog breeds were created for specific tasks and jobs. By instinct, a dog would like to have a duty to be fulfilled. Either guarding your home, hunting a prey, smelling the surroundings, fetching the ball… It is good that they do that on a daily basis. This is mental and physical stimulating for them. So best is to know what do they like and praise them for doing this task.


As already mentioned, dogs are social animals. They like to be part of a pack, and spend time together. So, the basic rule to have a happy dog is not to leave him for long hours alone, and most importantly, to spend some quality time with him on a daily basis.

In any case, as an owner or parent of a dog, it is good that you do things together. This will raise your bond. You will get to know each other, and your dog will enjoy doing the activity with you.

Dogs They understand us. Their evolution as specie is linked to getting a better understanding of humans. According to studies, a dog´s intelligence is similar to a 2-year-old human child. They can understand between 150 to 250 words. So, challenge your dog on learning new words or concepts. If not aware, check what Chaser, the border collie, achieved to learn. Amazing story!

From this video, also impressive how Chaser´s owner, John.W.Pilley, knows what Chaser natural instinct was and how he taught her 1000 words… Incredible and beautiful!! If you want to know more, you can read or listen to the book he wrote on this incredible story: Chaser – Unlocking the Geniuis of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words

One last note: When deciding to get a dog, you need to take this into consideration. Large families with several members (adults, teenagers, children) are great for dogs. If you live alone, and you love dogs, you need to plan how to avoid not leaving them alone for many hours. If you have flexibility at work it is great, otherwise, you may consider daycare services or hiring a pet walker.


  1. Know your dog
  2. Conform a pack
  3. Provide him the basics at an appropriate level: Food, Exercise and Rest.
  4. Discover what most likes your dog
  5. Act!. Do things together

Look after yourself and your dog!


=> I am keen to learn about your experience or opinion on how happy is your dog. Please leave your comment or question below. I will come back to you <=


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