Why Dogs Are Good Pets?

We have mostly totally busy lives. Endless activities, duties, information, advertisements are bombing our brains each day. Under these circumstances, many people look to get connected again with reality and life. Therefore, Americans love to have some pets at home, many people choose a dog. Why Dogs are good Pets?


1) Dogs are great companions

Dog and the human relationship started thousands of years ago. Domestic dogs come from Wolves. Dogs and humans got Dogs are great companionspositive results from being together. Centuries or even decades ago, they were key for hunting and guarding. This is still a role some dogs still play, but most of them have become pure domestic and playful dogs.

Within the animal world, dogs are unique in their relationship with us. They love to be in a human pack, in a family. Dogs are focused on their owners. They basically love to be part of the pack, immersed in it.

A dog is able to provide endless love for his or her family. They do not care if you are rich, handsome or fit. Basically they get along with his and her family and love to spend his or her life with them.


2) Dogs live in the present

In this ultra media loaded world, where we are getting lots of messages and inputs over the years, dogs do not care.Live in the present

Dogs live in the present. They do not plan or project the future, neither think about the past. Many self-helping coaches state that we need to live the present moment. This is the only pure reality. The past is over, the future does not exist. We can only actually live now. However, when our mind is running in parallel, creating thoughts, we miss the actual moment.

Having a pet in your life, and particularly a dog is a great way to be connected with reality. Dogs do not think about what happened yesterday or how it will be tomorrow. They simply enjoy the present moment.

Dogs mainly have 3 activities in his life:

  1. Have enough food
  2. Exercise and have proper rest
  3. Socialize

This is it. Simple enough to have a great life.


3) They give lots of love when you care for them

Dogs are really very grateful to people. But we take care of them, and we give them security, we receive unconditional love from them. They are not worried if we are rich, handsome if the house is big or small … Basically, if they receive love, they will love us unconditionally.

How we do take care of them? Domestic dogs are fully dependent on us. We provide them all that they need to live: Food, exercise, relationship, and healthcare.

Dogs need us and give loveFood: they feel safe as long as they get enough food. The key is to define enough. Food needs to be good for them in quality and quantity.

Exercise: they have a territory. They need to walk, run, jump, sniff, explore… this is good both physically and mentally for them. Like food, exercise is needed every day.

Relationship: dogs are social beings. They need to be in a pack, within the pack. Then they need to know the world, other dogs, other people, other animals. As many relationships they have, the better and more balanced they will be.

Healthcare: nowadays we do have a lot of science and resources to take care of our dog’s health. Like any other family member, they need to be monitored regularly. As with humans, early detection is a good practice. We need to observe We need to take our dog regularly to the vet.


4) They can communicate with you when you give them a structure

Food, exercise, and relationship (FER) is what they need. We have to give them in a structure, so they feel safe and dogs love structuresecure. The structure will also improve the human-dog communication and relationship.

Structure in food: each dog needs to get enough food to match their calorie daily burn out. Giving food 2 times per day has proven to be a good feeding structure. Your dog will also relate you to the food, so it will raise his recognition towards you. Water needs to be in a free-feeding form, so they can drink whenever they want.

Structure in exercise: if dog exercises, they feel better and get relaxed, like us. They need to go out to pee and poop. They use this to set themselves in the environment, so other dogs know they are around. Dogs need to exercise enough daily to remain fit. They should be around 2 hours each day out of the home. You can split this time between 3 and 4 slots. In some slots they have to play and run, so they do some good cardio. Fetching games or playing with other dogs are great for that.

Structure in relationships: Dogs have a hierarchical mind. This is a heritage from wolves. Automatically they rank themselves within the pack they belong to. As a domestic dog, that lives in society, they need to follow the rules and procedures we set in order to live a happy and secure life. Dogs have to obey their parents. Dogs have to be socialized with humans and other dogs and animals, so they are relaxed and can be at any place with us. We need to keep the schedule. They need to listen in order to be safe. Dogs need to get a structure, so they can follow your expectations.

5) Give Them A Happy Life, you will also enjoy a lot

Dogs love to be with his or her pack. They love to be with you. They do not complain. They do not talk. Simply give them some quality time each day, by interacting with them. As emotional animals, they love to share the time at home or outside, be as close to the pack as possible.

We need to avoid leaving them many hours alone. If this is going to happen, then better to have more dogs, so they interact with each other.

6) Help them to have a healthy life

Basically we need to take care of two dimensions: Food and Exercise.

For food, there is a vast offering of options. Important is the quality of it and the quantity of it. In general, we need to look dogs love exercisefor food with more protein and fewer carbohydrates. Dogs are primarily carnivores, so feeding them with lots of grain is not really matching their anatomy.

Then, we need to ensure our dog is having the right level of exercise. Food and exercise have to be balanced on a daily basis, to keep our dog happy and fit.

To know what level of exercise does your dog needs, best is to compare with similar dogs (breed. Size and age). For that purpose, an activity monitor like Fitbark 2 is of great use.

You will know how is your dog doing in comparison to similar dogs. You will know how many hours does he or she sleeps, how many activities do in a day.

Having a good exercise level, according to the breed, size and age of the dog is the basis for your dog to have a better quality of life and a longer lifespan. Additionally, it will help you and your family also, being more active. So act on this, and get a great gift for all your pack! 🙂


I hope I have given some insights into why dogs are good pets. The dog-human relationship has lasted already thousand of years, and for sure will continue for some thousand more.





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